Hiring That's

hubbul is a brand-new digital platform that showcases the very best, pre-assessed candidates through video technology and provides you with a low-cost alternative to traditional recruitment methods.

Recruiting can be a costly, time consuming business.

Save Money

Only pay for the candidates that you want to bring back for interview, giving you control over your budget.

Pre-assesed Candidates

Review the hand selected candidates that fit your specifications without the need to read hundreds of CVs.

Save Time

Your shortlist is delivered within the pre-agreed timeline to ensure that your make the right hire, faster.

Account Manager

They will take the time to understand your business and hiring needs before delivering the right candidates.

Finding the best talent for your organisation can be a costly, time consuming business. But it doesn’t need to be.

High quality, cost effective hiring.

We have access to over 31,000 active candidates all of whom have been evaluated by our Talent Hub. We supply tailored video interviews answering your four key questions, complete with detailed candidate profiles, salary and other key information and of course their CV.

The best part, you review all this key information on our platform and only pay for the candidates that are shortlisted for interview and therefore control your budget with quality candidates.

Why hubbul is right for you.

hubbul takes the pain out of staffing by allowing you to tap into all the benefits you would normally associate with the traditional recruitment process, putting the power in your hands.

You only pay for the candidates that form your shortlist, which means that you are free to browse them until you find the one’s that you like best. This is all delivered at a significantly lower cost when compared to current staffing methods.

Powered by Aspire

10000 Active Candidates
200000 Candidates In Aspire's Database
1000 Clients Have Hired Via Aspire

To recruit you need quality candidates but the challenge with advertising on Indeed, Job Boards and LinkedIn is that all you receive is a CV, and with ‘one click’ applications this is often overwhelming and time consuming.

hubbul is different because it is powered by Aspire and therefore the candidates you are presented with have been pre-assessed to your specific role. Aspire utilises its Talent Hub, a dedicated team of skilled consultants who identify, attract and assess candidates on your behalf.

How do you get started?

#1 Submit your brief

After spending time with your dedicated Account Manager to allow them to understand your business they will ask you about your vacancy in detail including required skills, experience and your 4 pre-assessment questions that you would like them to answer.

#2 Review your candidates

Our talent team will take your brief and match it with the candidates that best fit your brief and invite them to submit their answers to your key questions. Once these have been completed you will be able to view them along with the candidate’s profile on the hubbul portal.

#3 Select your favourites

From your pre-built shortlist you will select which of the candidates that you would like to bring back for interview. We will also source additional candidates should you wish to see more. From there you will be able to manage the remainder of the process yourself.

Contact Information

Address: The Rookery, 2 Dyott St, Bloomsbury, London WC1A 1DE

Phone: 020 8158 0766